The Best Calf-Toning Workout

The best calf workout to tone your legs are exercises that can be performed just about anywhere and are easy to do, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Heel Raise 4 Sets - 15 Reps

The heel raise is a powerful way of toning your calf muscle by concentrating your body weight on one leg. 

Balance yourself by standing on your right foot with your left foot behind your right calf. 

Slowly raise up on the ball of your right foot, contracting your calf at the top of the lift. Relax and lower to the starting position.

Side Lunges 3 Sets - 10 Reps

Performing side lunges will tone and strengthen your calf muscles to maintain balance. 

While standing up straight with legs shoulder-width apart, turn your torso to the right, Turn your right foot to point in the same direction. 

Slowly lunge halfway down, bending at the knee feeling the stretch in your calf. Slowly raise back up to starting position. 

Calf Lift 3 Sets - 15 Reps

The calf lift is an exercise that tones your calf muscles and defines the muscle. 

Standing with your hands on your hips or resting them on an object in front of you. 

Raise up on your toes, feeling the stretch in your calf muscles. Hold this position for three seconds and lower.

Calf Raise on Step 3 Sets - 10 Reps

Step calf raises tone and define your calf muscles. Stand on a step or on a couple of books, with your heel freely hanging over the edge. 

Hold onto an object in front of you, such as a chair, for balance. Raise up on the balls of your feet, hold for two seconds and lower your heels down, lower than the level of the step. 

When you have mastered this exercise, performing this exercise one leg at time will give you a more intense workout.

Perform exercises for your calf muscles every second day. Leave a day in between for rest and recovery.