Everyone wants big arms, including girls. There is no secret regarding the method of getting big arms, but of-course there is a right way and a wrong way. Let's highlight some of the wrong things you may be doing, leading to slow development. The first mistake you may be doing is focusing on isolation exercises or non-conventional ones, concentration curls and EZ barbell curls for the biceps, cable triceps extensions, two arms seated dumbbell extensions for the triceps. If you are doing those late exercises you need to stop. Compound movements are the answer, for girls, if you don't want massive arms you can follow the same instructions. Increasing the reps will lead to sculpting the arms without increasing the muscle mass.

Now let's proceed with the right method for developing your guns:


Resting is critical, especially for arms. Training arms so often not only slows down their development, but it may lead to injury. They are always on duty, while training back, chest, or shoulders, your arms are always taking a percentage of the movement. Thus giving your arms time to recover is very important.


The arms' muscles are not big as the back muscles for example, so over-training them can reverse the development. Listen to your body and if an exercise is giving you pain, don't do it.


Close Grip Bench Press 3 Sets / 8-10 Reps (Progressive Overload)
Skullcrushers Sets / 6-10 Reps (Progressive Overload)
One Arm Standing Dumbbell Extensions  2 Sets / 15 Reps 


Barbell Curls Sets / 6-10 Reps (Progressive Overload)
Preacher Curls [I prefer Dumbbells] Sets / 6-8 Reps (Progressive Overload)
Hammer Curl Sets / 12 Reps 

The list of training programs according to each level:

Untrained: An individual who has not trained on the exercises before, but can perform them correctly.
Novice: An individual who has trained regularly for up to several months.
IntermediateAn individual who has trained regularly for up to a couple years.
Advanced: An individual who has trained multiple years.