Either you're a novice or an intermediate in this field that required dedication and a 24/7 commitment, you have come to the right place.

In this article you will find all the concepts and the principals, in order to put the guidelines for your road to achieve a sculpted body, lose weight, and/or get mass with class, generally speaking you will get the body you always wanted.

Following these solid facts and principals about lifting you will be able to have a clean start at the gym if you are novice, if you are already hitting the gym for a while. 

This article will help you to correct your lifting skills in case there is some anomalies. 

We will mention the principals of lifting, not rules, the difference lies in capturing the right pattern that will suits your requirements, rules are standards, so following them may not be a good choice, depending on your goals and body type, the rules can not work, so processing your program based on principals will give better results.

Principal N°1 : Fat Loss

How does the body burn the stored fat ?

Metabolism it's what keeping the wheels rolling, it's the engine room of your machine,your never-ending calorie burn. Food being turned into energy and that energy being burned off to keep your hair growing, your heart beating, your liver pumping out bile, your lungs transferring oxygen into your bloodstream.

It's all the various chemical reactions that  happen inside your body, 24/7, that keeping you alive. With a simple move, such as decreasing the food intake, will lead to a fat burn process, and that is called "Caloric Deficit", but some will not lose weight even if their food intake is at the lowest, here is the main reasons why you are not losing weight :

Principal N°2 : Hypertrophy

The majority think that there is a secret behind building muscles, while few of us hold that secret so tight and decline to share it. 

The scientific fact is clear and loud, Hypertrophy Specific Training "HST" is the mechanism responsible for the muscle growth. The foundation and principles came from laboratory research, without any boring details ... they deducted from various experiments, that progressive overload, compound movements (Squat,Deadlift and Bench-Press), and low-volume workouts are the basis of HST. Ergo the cells become larger, and the muscles look bigger.

Principal N°3 : Obstacles

You will find various obstacles, especially if you are a novice lifter, here is a list of some stuff you need to watch out from :


You can go heavy of course, it is necessary, but going above your capacity is a mistake, don't ever sacrifice the form in order to lift heavier, ego does not make you stronger or fit.

Joints' pains : 

It can caused by many reasons, but the best choice you can make is to prevent this kind ob obstacles by stretching a lot, and doing a proper warm up, these two tips are more than enough to prevent joints' pain.

Recovery : 

Rest is very important when it come to muscle growth, thus, always listen to your body and don't rush yourself by training day in day out, take the rest you need until you feel that you're ready for a good workout.


When it comes to full range of motion, this late is the cornerstone for muscle growth, fat loss, and strength purposes. Having an average flexible muscles is more than enough to prevent injuries and have a good proportional body, also it will give you a healthy posture.

Principal N°4: Muscle Mechanisms 

Understanding the muscle mechanisms, the motion concepts, contractions, and neutral control is a must. The muscles are dull entities, meaning that they don't understand the impact you apply on them when you exercise, but they react to it, ergo, depends on which pattern you use in the gym, your muscles will react differently, it has been already mentioned in this article the fat loss and hypertrophy principals, now we will talk about how to train your muscles in order to validate those principals.

Hypertrophy : 

In order to achieve an optimum muscle growth, the training needs to be intense, consisting with moderated sets and reps, meaning that you reach a respectable pump, the workout is short -45 minute 1 hour max-, and the nutrition pattern consists of an above average protein intake.

Fat Loss 

The training consists of long sets and fast reps, in order to burn the intake calories, and reaching the failure barrier, it's the only way to burn the extra fats.

Strength : 

A lot of sets with minimum reps - from 3 to 5 reps per set -, and taking long period of rest between each set, will allow you to hit heavy lifts, thus your muscles will get denser and stronger.
The muscle memory exists, your muscles get used to a certain motion and exercises, so shocking them from once a while with different exercises will allow you to surpass the limits they achieve after a particular period of continuous training, i.e. you need to change the program and customize a new one after certain period of time (personally I change my training program after each 8 months). Also when it comes to choosing to kind of training, you need to find an optimum solution for your needs, meaning that the workouts must validate the fat loss, strength, and hypertrophy principals.

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