Best Lower Abs Workout

The term "lower abs" is actually a wrong assumed term—your abdominal wall covers your entire midsection. 

Still, most of us are constantly searching for exercises that targets help eliminate the fat in that area or tone it up. 

Also targeting only your abs is not enough to make them show up or get a flat tummy, you need to lose overall fat.

Workout Aspects

Take short rests between your sets (40 seconds max), the more intense you are the more effective the workout will be, and your lower abs will react adequately. 

Perform the full workout 3 days per week ( non-consecutively). You can integrate this lower abs workout with your cardio session or add them into your strength training routine.

1.Plank Row

Get into a plank position. Hold the plank, and slide legs out behind you, maintaining the plank position. Your arms will extend as you slide your body back. 

Then, pull your body back into the starting position. Keep a straight plank pose the entire time. Make sure to respect the full range of motion.

2.Hip Tips

Lay flat on your back, legs straight up in the air at a 90-degree angle. Keep your hands relaxed down to the side. As you keep your legs straight, tip the hips up. 

Be careful not to rock your hips, just tip them up slightly, initiating all movement from your lower abdomen.


Start with your body sprawled out on the floor in an X. If it’s too heavy, you can also do without weights, but they will give you some extra chest and shoulder work. 

Lift your left hand and bring the weight towards your right shin, lifting your torso and keeping your belly pulled into your spine, until you roll all the way up to balancing on your tail-bone (You can come up onto your elbow a bit to make it a little easier). Lower back down and alternate sides.