The lower body of the woman is the most important part to focus on, the majority of you ladies don't want wide lats or 18 inch arms, also, the fat storing protocol in the woman's body make the fats go to the thighs and the backside, thus concentrating on working out your lower body intensely is a must.
In order to get sexy thighs and a round backside that fits the width, you need to do the right exercises that fits your requirements, the following is a standard program to target your lower body and sculpt those muscles with the right way, ergo you will develop a pear shaped body. Our goal will be revealing the feminine shape, by developing the thighs  andthe backside's sweeps, and of course leveling up the lower body strength. Also doing cardio will help lose the fats surrounding your thighs and glutes to bring up those nice shaped muscles, however this workout is so intense, it will make you burn so much fat, thus the muscles will show up.


Squat 5 SETS / 6-15 REPS ( Progressive Overload)

Keep the feet apart above the shoulders' width, but not to wide, the more close the feet are, the more your core is stable, and the more you target the quads. Of course you will be squatting to the depth.

Sumo Deadlift 3 SETS / 20 REPS (Use light weights)

Depends on the technique, each version will be targeting a different muscle group, over here, we want to target the abductors, the hamstring and the glutes, thus the body posture must follow these three simple rules: The shins must be parallel at the starting point, the back must stay flat, while you're pulling with your glutes and hamstrings keep the knees outwards to use your abductors.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift 4 SETS / 10-15 REPS

Now we will target especially the hamstrings, and also touch lit bit the glutes. Even if it's called stiff-legged deadlift, the knees must stay loose ( bend ) a little bit, while moving moving the weight upwards, the bar must stay close to the legs and moving these late backward to activate the hamstrings in order to move the weight.

Lunges 5 SETS / 10 REPS

This is a finishing exercise to target the glutes, the abductors, and the quads, it will pump your glutes so good, and give you a nice rounded feminine sweep for your backside.

Calve Raises 5 SETS / 20 REPS

Don't ignore the calves, proportions are also important, having diamond shaped calves will make your thighs stand out, and also helps develop the strength level